The Matthew Project, Inc. 

Many of our counselors are members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. However, this certainly does not mean we work exclusively with people of the Christian faith. The concepts of compassion, kindness, understanding, and elevation of others comes through our belief system. This applies to all people, regardless of religion, gender orientation, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We strive to bring peace and joy to all individuals who are missing that in their lives.


The mind meets the heart with the compassion of human kindness. Science helps us utilize specific treatment methodologies to help people who are hurting, while spirituality allows for a kinder, yet realistic, approach to finding solutions for those in need of assistance.


Reality Therapy helps those in pain to understand why others hurt them, or why they hurt themselves. Education relating to the malady a person faces can help the person understand what is happening and why others may behave in destructive ways. Through education and understanding, the problems of life make more sense. Free your mind from confusion. Learn to focus on changing thoughts, through Cognitive Behavior Therapy and other effective treatment models, to live a more positive, happy and relaxed life.


Our Leadership
Dr. Thomas Lehmann, one of Wisconsin's most-respected psychologists, is the Clinic Director of Life-Span Family Services and the office of Hartford Counseling.
Dr. Lehmann conducts psychological testing for the Social Security Administration; criminal justice efforts; divorce and other litigation and offers ongoing therapy to his clientele.
Our Clinics
We have several offices in the Greater Milwaukee Area, including locations in Hartford, Brookfield, Milwaukee, Mukwonago, Watertown, and Germantown/Menomonee Falls. 
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