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Falls, Hartford, Mukwanago and Watertown Counseling are all affiliated with Life-Span Psychological Services of Brookfield, Wisconsin. We have several offices in the Greater Milwaukee Area, please visit our "Contact" page for more details. 


The Matthew Project, Inc., is our non-profit organization, designed to provide services for those who have no means to pay or are on state insurance programs that many clinics will not accept.

     “It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him.”
-Abraham Lincoln

Our Services


Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, sadness and feelings of isolation are important areas of treatment for us, though we treat a whole host of different issues. We implement various, efficacious forms of treatment that help individual, couples, and families change patterns of thinking and acting, as well as explore and understand what drives human behavior. Education is a key component of our therapy. If you understand why people do what they do, it is much easier to forgive, help, and love those around you---and empower yourself.



Peer, Romantic, and Family Relationships


Human relationships are complex. Sometimes people behave in certain ways because of past trauma, which can change a person's neural connections and even their very DNA. Let's talk about your relationships, to learn the "why" and "what" regarding what you are dealing with.




Addiction to alcohol and drugs has been a long-standing problem in our society. Every day, sufferers are turning to a dangerous option: heroin.

Heroin kills. Our community members are dying from overdoses, tragedies that are occurring everywhere from the urban areas of Milwaukee to small rural towns. We treat individuals struggling with addiction as well as their families. 

Note: If you are actively abusing alcohol or drugs, you may want to consider the Intensive-Outpatient program with Affiliated Clinical Services in Hartford or West Bend ( or Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc (



Anxiety is an ugly companion. It has deep roots in many mental health issues. For example, anxiety can contribute to the onset of depression; first comes the worry and stress and then, sadness. Anxiety is typically caused by some combination of a genetic predisposition and a person's past. There are several effective ways to treat anxiety. Reality Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are great tools, but we also consult with medical professionals who can prescribe medications. Feel free to peruse our "Anxiety"  page for more information. 

Bipolar Disorders


Bipolar disorders are insidious. They are like the characters of the angel and devil on opposite shoulders.


Previously called manic-depressive disorders, bipolar disorders are gravely misunderstood by the general public. Our clinicians have great expertise in diagnosing and counseling individuals with bipolar disorders. Additionally, they are adept at gently, kindly, and compassionately helping individuals and families obtain appropriate medical interventions.


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