August 25, 2018

It has been months since your last depressive spell. You thought you kicked depression to the curb once and for all, but as your alarm goes off, your brain is covered in a fog. Your entire body feels like lead, and every fiber of your being wants to stay under the blan...

April 28, 2016

Riding the Roller Coaster

Untreated Bipolar Disorder


      People fear the diagnosis, although it is one of the easiest mental health maladies to treat---if people follow their medication regimen. Bipolar Disorder seems to be on the rise. I am developing my PhD disserta...

This is probably the best analogy of mental health problems in relation to the human condition that I have ever read. Read the first paragraph here. It is so very true. Illness is not a character flaw!

February 26, 2016

When a Person Refuses Treatment for a Bipolar Disorder


   Left untreated, bipolar disorder can result in serious problems that affect every area of your life. These may include:

  • Problems related to drug and alcohol use

  • Suicide or suicide attempts

  • Lega...

February 22, 2016

Here is an interesting article that makes some sense. Consider this. Most depression has some link to anxiety. Would a sickly digestive system potentially cause anxiety? Inflammation is terribly unhealthy. It has been linked to heart disease and now, maybe depression.



February 11, 2016

Bipolar, also known as Manic Depressive Disorder, is often misdiagnosed and not properly medicated.


Many times, those suffering from this disorder are diagnosed as simply having a depressive or anxiety disorder. Bipolar is much more complicated and needs an entirely di...

February 10, 2016

People often wonder about depression. They wonder what causes it and if it is something they've done. In reality, Depression is the even uglier sister (or brother) of Anxiety. Anxiety leads to depression. Worry; fear; uncertainty; selfl-loathing thoughts---can lead to...

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Taking Charge: The Battle with Depression

August 25, 2018

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