Appreciate All the Flowers

December 2, 2017



   God only makes variety. He doesn't make mistakes. I spend much of my face-to-face counseling time helping people with mood disorders or autism spectrum "disorders", such as Asperger's Syndrome. Often, people feel they are deficient and products of genetic malfunction. No. They are not.




   Current research demonstrates the impact of genetics upon human development from the time of conception. Hormonal changes within the fetus can determine how the brain works. Those with mood disorders or autism challenges are often quite intelligent. In fact, one of my textbook authors refers to such maladies as "disorganized intelligence", as they have racing thoughts and high levels of neural activity. In other words, they're smart.




   Every person on this planet is formed in the spiritual image of God. Some reject themselves and God to walk down dark paths. Often, this is due to mistreatment. A great example is my next-door-neighbor as a child, a young man who likely had Asperger's, the son of my fifth grade teacher.




   Jack withstood immense taunting in our little community. He ended up committing homicide during a delusional state of anxiety and spent 15 years at a state prison hospital. His life was shattered and it was needless. If people in my town had understood Jack and accepted him as a rather unique person, things may have been much different.




   We are all part of a glorious wildflower garden, planted by God. Some of us grow higher than others and some bloom longer than others. However, the flowers of our spirits combine into a wonderful medley of beautiful images. Even flowers some consider to be weeds, such as Goldenrod and Milk Weed, join in the tapestry of color and joy. Those considered outside the norm are sometimes the most beautiful of the field.




   No, God doesn't make mistakes. God makes variety. If He did not, we would be a walking clone army and life would be so very dull.




   Appreciate the wildflowers of humanity. Having a wider field of vision brings us greater joy.





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